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EVIL IN MUSIC...Music and Satanism

Music is the most powerful tool that Satan uses today to promote his religion. The sad part is teenagers are the most vulnerable victims of Satanic music. Once they get hooked, they become followers until their dying day. As parents, it is our responsibility to guide our children to the right path and not allow them to destroy their lives. We should not make the same mistake that our own parents made when we were young. It is NOT acceptable behaviour to rebel and dress up like vampires or sorcerers. We must take charge of the situation before it's too late.

Heavy metal and Rock music produces very young satanists, murderers, rapists, drug users and the like in our society today. I was watching the 700 Club Asia last night (one of my fave shows) when I saw how a College student pawned his soul to the devil, an innocent teen almost lost his soul and a Goth rock star who wanted to rule hell side by side with Satan. And what do all 3 of them have in common? You guessed it, their lives revolved around heavy metal and rock music. The music feeds them and drives them to do evil unto themselves, their families and the community.

There have been studies on the influence of Rock and Roll and its harmful effects on the human mind and body. It was also discovered that the Satanic Church recruited rock stars to spread their religion and propagate cult followers. There are numerous evidence out there that points out how a simple love for rock and roll music can turn into disaster and can even cost you your soul.

Nowadays it's not just rock and roll music anymore that can influence our youth. Pop, rap or gangsta rap, punk, reggae and even EMO (short for emotional) songs can induce the same results. So we need to protect our children, not by putting a leash on them, but by being there for them as much as we can. To sacrifice for them and build a close relationship with them are key to raising good and loving Christians. Let us not neglect our children. They deserve our love and full attention.

I suggest you purge out all of the negativity in your life and immerse yourself in these heavenly songs that will surely strengthen your faith and calm your nerves.